trisomy 18 any information???

ButterflyKiss26 at ButterflyKiss26 at
Thu May 3 23:48:23 EST 2001

hi im 26 yrs old and 25 weeks pregnant ..i was recently told that my
baby might have trisomy 18 and if so he will die.. there is no history
of it.. in either my nor my husbands family so chances of my baby having
it would be 1 in 15,000 according to the doctor but because fo the way
my triple assys came back the chances are 1 in 81.. i have no clue as to
what this is or what causes it.. if there is anyone who can let me know
anything about it please let me know... thanks Edicka

i am awaiting the results of my amnio but since the chances seem to be
so high that my baby has it.. id like to find out more information on
what this is or what i may be facing should he have it..thank you for
your time

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