Wendy Appelbaum info at
Sat Sep 22 18:30:29 EST 2001 a leading resource portal containing information
and links to medical diagnostic products and processes profiles

Ionia's mission is to rigorously analyze leading biotech companies and
their prospects
as investment opportunities. They identify the companies that have
either the strong
drug development programs or technological platforms to drive growth. Of
companies they have pegged for success, they apply their proprietary
methods to identify which of the strongest biotech companies presents
the best
investment opportunity. Ionia researches the companies in these
industries and passes on this valuable information to you, the
individual investor, so you can make educated investing decisions within
the biotech industry. contains the best sites on the
web, interactive corporate profiles, investor and news information, as
well as the
most up-to-date information in this ever changing industry.

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