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If You are interested in business, I would like to offer You an exclusive right to sell an enviromental product in Your home country. Please take a look at the www.globusinternational.rt.hu web-page.

SunnyGlobe Products

Globus International (established in1991) are leaders in the enviro-friendly treatment of waste water in Hungary. Based in Miskolc, the company has offices throughout the country and are currently very active in the export field. Globus International products are formulated from select enzymes and micro-organisms that stimulate and enhance the natural biological decomposition process of waste organic matter - without causing any harm to the environment. These products have proven more effective that all international products that have been tested against. As around the world, countries are increasingly focusing on protecting the natural environment against toxic chemical pollutants. Globus International offers a safe and effective alternative.

Globus International products can be used in the hospitality and food processing industry, hospitals, schools, slaughterhouses, farms, and any place where organic waste has to be disposed of. The range of products is as follows:

      Septic tanks and Plumbing Systems 
        a.. S.G. Basic 
        b.. S.G.Classic 
        c.. S.G.Free Flo Pill
     Hospital Strength Disinfectant 
        a.. S.G.Safe 

     Kitchens and Grease-Traps 
        a.. S.G.Fatcracker Liquid Detergent 
        b.. S.G.Fatcracker Powder 
        c.. S.G.Free Flo Pill
      Water Treatment 
        a.. S.G.Oxy-Gen-Ator 
        b.. S.G.Grand
     Portable Toilets 
        a.. S.G.Fresh 

     Odour Digestor 
        a.. S.G.OK for Pet 
        b.. S.G.OK for Men 
        c.. S.G.OK for Household odours 
        a.. S.G.Sty for pig's 
        b.. S.G. Basic
     Fish Farming 
        a.. S.G. Crystall 
        b.. S.G.Aqua-C 


For full information on DISTRIBUTOR OPPORTUNITIES contact the company at: globint at matavnet.hu

GLOBUS INT’L  POBox 561 Miskolc H-3530 Tel: (+36) 46 / 413 891 Fax (+36) 46 / 411 975

International inquiries Tel: (+36) 20 / 9344615 Tel/Fax: (+36) 46 / 508 764
E-mail: globint at matavnet.hu

Ctc: Ferenc Koncz / Director

Brochures: Yes


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