S for lit. on bac. movement inside biofilms

BOB MCLEAN RM12 at swt.edu
Tue Apr 15 13:10:11 EST 1997

Dear Jan and rest of biofilm group;

I do not know of any literature dealing with movement of cells within a
biofilm, however there has been a rather elegant paper by Soren Moller 
et al in Applied and Environmental Microbiology 62: 4632-4640, 1996
(title - Activity and three-dimensional distribution of toluene-
degrading Pseudomonas putida in a multispecies biofilm assessed by
quantitative in situ hybridization and scanning confocal laser
microscopy).  Among other things, Moller et al show the distribution
of growth rates of individual bacteria through out the biofilm based 
on image analysis of fluorescent staining density of rRNA.  As mentioned
in their paper, they have information on the world wide web at:

I hope this is helpful.

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