Algae and biocorrosion

Robert J. Palmer Jr. rjpalmer at
Wed Dec 10 08:34:04 EST 1997

How did you look for SRB?  If it was a "culturability" method, chances are
good that you missed them, particularly if the biofilms weren't sampled
directly or if the samples weren't handled properly prior to the
What sort of corrosion is occurring?  What is the metallurgical description
of the corrosion?
There was some consortial work done in DC White's lab about 5 years ago
that involved photosynthetic bugs: Dowling et al., Biofouling 5:315-322,
1992.  That study was on stainless steel; mild steel (is this what you mean
by "carbon steel"?) is pretty easily corroded anyway.

>We are facing a case of biocorrosion of carbon steel in an open tank.=20
>The analysis we have carry out show a high presence of freshwater=20
>algae on the biofilm, but little evidence of aerobic heterotrophic=20
>bacteria. We haven=B4t found SRB. This isn=B4t only a biofouling case,=20
>but a strong corrosion of the steel is evident all over the tank.=20
>I haven=B4t found in the literature a case of biocorrosion of carbon=20
>steel by freswater algae. Have you ever found it?.
>Thank you
>Jesus M.

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