3-dimensional structure

Robert J. Palmer Jr. rjpalmer at UTKUX1.UTK.EDU
Tue Feb 4 12:16:27 EST 1997

You will be happy to learn that you are breaking new ground.  If you have
biofilm architectures and species compositions that are different and
reproducible, then you have the opportunity to create terminology that the
rest of us will then proceed to declare inadequate (that was a jest!).  You
might take a clue from the literature on microbial mats (hypersaline
waters, hot-springs and Antarctic lakes) and on stromatolites.  These are
the best examples in which biofilm structures have been named.  I favor the
approach used for the hot-springs: name the biofim according to its
ecological situation.  Thus, in your case, you have "drinking water
biofilm(s)".  the definition of separate types within this admittedly
overly broad grouping will depend on reproducibility.
Viel Glueck wunsche ich Ihnen!
Rob Palmer

>In November 96 I got in contact with biofilms. I heard just little about this
>topic before and I am very glad 
>to find a special newsgroup!
>I would like to know if there are general accepted and used terms to describe
>the different three-dimensional 
>structures of biofilms on solid surfaces and where I can find these terms. (I
>am busy with drinking water 
>Thank you.
>Frauke Hangen

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