3-dimensional structure

Dirk Schmid dschmid at eagle.wbm.ca
Wed Feb 5 22:38:40 EST 1997

Our microbial colonization group has examined microbial communities in
detail. We have also used the confocal laser microscope to construct 3
dimensional images of biofilms. To see the 3 dimensional architecture of
the biofilms you have to ware 3-D glasses.

Now who says microbiology isn't cool?

Dirk Schmid

dfs846 at mail.usask.ca
Applied Microbiology & Food Science
University of Saskatchewan

frauke hangen <hangjhid at sp.zrz.tu-berlin> wrote in article
<32F7A629.153F at sp.zrz.tu-berlin>...
> Hello!
> In November 96 I got in contact with biofilms. I heard just little about
this topic before and I am very glad 
> to find a special newsgroup!
> I would like to know if there are general accepted and used terms to
describe the different three-dimensional 
> structures of biofilms on solid surfaces and where I can find these
terms. (I am busy with drinking water 
> organisms).
> Thank you.
> Frauke Hangen

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