General complaint....!

Julian Wimpenny wimpennyj at cf.ac.uk
Fri Feb 14 05:23:16 EST 1997

I sent the following mail to Claus Sternberg. He wanted me to post it

Dear Claus,

I too am rather fed up with newsgroup as far as access via Netscape is
concerned. Where is everybody? I had a reply from Rick Veek to my latest
posting but it doesn't appear on the net.There seems very little
activity in the group. I guess people (like me) are getting bored with
all the responses going directly to people and not appearing on the
net.Can we not tell people to use the group Directly via Netscape and
reply TO THE group?? NOT replying to the email as this, as you have
noted defaults to the sender. All very boring. Could you do a group
email to jerk some sense into them all???

Also postings ought to stay up longer, at least until things gets more

Keep up the good work!

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