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Doug Caldwell caldwell at SASK.USASK.CA
Fri Feb 14 12:41:27 EST 1997

I'm hopeful that the biofilm NewsGroup will not default to sending mail to
everyone all of the time.  If so, I would probably have to unsubscribe due
to excessive mail.  Only items of general interest should go to the group
as a whole.

The difficulty lies in the lack of experience on the part of users as
opposed to the quality of the service being provided.

General messages should be directed to biofilms at net.bio.net by pasting this
address over the default address which is to the specific person who
originated the posting.

Posting constitutes global publication and if a personal message should be
accidentally published it could lead to disaster - hence the need for a
personal as opposed to a public default for messages.

>Dear Julian,
>I couldn't agree more. I have had some conversation with the bionet staff
>concerning this matter and a solution is coming soon. I will post a public
>announcement on this matter as soon as the software has been fixed. to be
>specific, the newsgroup was supposed to be set up in a way that if you
>choose follow-up (in a newsreader) or reply-to-all (in a mail program) you
>would post to both the group and the originator. However, due to a
>misconfiguration (which seems to have existed for years) doing the above
>results in the reply being sent to bionet.announce instead of the group.
>I hope to see this fixed in a few days and I will then post a mini-FAQ with
>relevant details.
>Meanwhile, I will encourage everyone posting to this news group to check
>and double-check that your posts go to the newsgroup as well as to the
>originator. (to be sure: send your submissions to biofilms at net.bio.net)
>Best regards,
>PS. the problem only exists on the UK (daresbury) server. US subscribers
>should be able to follow-up in the correct way (ie as described above).
>PPS. Julian, if you use a news reader rather than e-mail for following the
>biofilms group discussions, you must ask your local news admin to prolong
>the holding times for this group if they appear to short (In newscape news
>see the news-server name in the upper left panel (the open folder icon),
>then write e-mail to news@"what-ever-is-the-news-server").
>PPPS this is sent with CC: to the bionet staff.
>>Dear Claus,
>>I too am rather fed up with newsgroup as far as access via Netscape is
>>concerned. Where is everybody? I had a reply from Rick Veek to my latest
>>posting but it doesn't appear on the net.There seems very little
>>activity in the group. I guess people (like me) are getting bored with
>>all the responses going directly to people and not appearing on the
>>net.Can we not tell people to use the group Directly via Netscape and
>>reply TO THE group?? NOT replying to the email as this, as you have
>>noted defaults to the sender. All very boring. Could you do a group
>>email to jerk some sense into them all???
>>Also postings ought to stay up longer, at least until things gets more
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