Listserver problems - apology!

Claus Sternberg cs at im.dtu.dk
Sun Feb 16 17:15:59 EST 1997

In the ongoing thread on how to reply to biofilms newsgroup messages, Dave
Kristofferson made a reply to my previous post. I assume you have seen it
and therefore I will not quote it in full. I do however want to make a
public apology in response to Daves reply:

At 10:42 16-02-97 -0800, BIOSCI Administrator wrote:

>However, I think one should be careful before talking about "a
>misconfiguration (which seems to have existed for years)."  I moderate

Dear BIOSCI staff (and in particular Dave Kristofferson)

I am truly sorry if I offended you. I agree that I had not checked all
group but only a few recently created ones. I also want to emphasize, as
already mentioned by you, that response from the BIOSCI staff (both the US
and the UK staff) has always been very prompt and satisfying and I am sure
that what seemed like a problem has been solved now or will be shortly. 

So again, I apology for my ill chosen words. I and many with me are
grateful for the huge amount of (partly unpaid) work the BIOSCI staff
undertake to keep the exchange of information going in the world of biology.

Keep up your good work, and thanks!

Claus Sternberg

(posted from home too.... ;-)
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