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Listserver problems - workaround

BIOSCI Administrator biohelp at net.bio.net
Sun Feb 16 13:42:01 EST 1997

In article <5e1k0a$l26 at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, Claus Sternberg  <cs at im.dtu.dk> wrote:

>would post to both the group and the originator. However, due to a
>misconfiguration (which seems to have existed for years) doing the above
>results in the reply being sent to bionet.announce instead of the group.
>I hope to see this fixed in a few days and I will then post a mini-FAQ with
>relevant details.

I have been very busy this week and am just seeing this now.  Julie
Lawrence who staffs our technical support desk may have responded to
Claus' message or may have passed it on to me for action.  I'll find
out shortly.

However, I think one should be careful before talking about "a
misconfiguration (which seems to have existed for years)."  I moderate
the bionet.announce newsgroup and if replies had been misdirected for
years (1) I would see this routinely since I screen every message to
that group and (2) people would have complained about this a long time
ago.  Whatever happened was confined to our UK site, was possibly
confined further to a mistake in setting up this newsgroup, and is
being worked on (probably resolved by now).

I'd like to remind everyone that BIOSCI has run this service free of
charge for biologists (including this group now) for a decade now and
has always been responsive to feedback where it reasonably can given
the constraints of our small budget.  The whole project at the U.S.
node runs on less than 1 FTE split between three people and depends
for its finanical survival on a lot of after hours volunteer work by
myself (it is Sunday AM right now while I answer this from home - we
are not taking grant money but sell ads on www.bio.net.)

I'd greatly appreciate it if people talk to us before making public
accusations which may not be accurate.  The error that was discovered
looked to me like a misconfiguration at the UK site unique to the UK
mailing list for this newsgroup.  I can not rule out yet that it may
have affected the UK mailing lists for some other groups set up there
recently, but messages were not being sent to bionet.announce.  It did
not affect the US site at all.  When it was discovered, it was
promptly passed to the UK staff for action.  We thank Claus for
calling this to our attention, and we will get it resolved.  I
appreciate your patience.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

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