Its Slime Time...

Kenneth M Wiencek Kenneth_M_Wiencek at ROHMHAAS.COM
Fri Jan 17 09:33:20 EST 1997

     Here's a question to ponder...
     What is a biofilm anyway?  Is one attached cell a biofilm? 100? 
     1000000?  A monolayer?  Is a 3-D structure a requirement for a 
     "biofilm"?  Perhaps an attached population becomes a biofilm when the 
     activity of the population is different from the sum of the 
     A form of "synergy"?  Well, if the characteristics of cells change 
     immediately upon attachment (a physiological response to being 
     attached such as increased resistance to antimicrobials), then perhaps 
     a biofilm could be one attached cell ("a biofilm onto itself")
     Is this fun or what?

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