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Dirk Schmid wrote:
> Come to think of it, Darwin's principle of natural selection appears to be
> flawed. Natural selection can not account for the evolution of microbial
> communities, and it can not account for the close association of
> microorganisms within a microbial community.

Darwin's principle works excellently in the biofilm communities. We
dealt a lot with the biofilms for ten(or even more) years. In brief -
two strtategies of the selection could be observed:
	1) parity (quite rare), in continuous culture with prey-predator
	2) non-parity (altruistic): just in biofilms. This strategy force the
cells to rearrange the substrate flux (or some other resource) in order
to provide a group of cells (which are closely related among themselves
through the genetic relationship) instead of equal sharing of that
substrate among the entity.

> If there is such a close association within a biofilm or community, then
> competition simply can not exist.

See above...
> Well, that sure throws Darwin out the window, doesn't it?

This remark reminds me a historical period, not so far back, of my own
country. Communists also wanted to through out the window such things as
Pushkin's poetry, classic music (including Tchaikovsky, etc.). These
were the communists of 1920 - 1926. The result is well known...

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