Program for ASM meeting?

Doug Caldwell caldwell at SASK.USASK.CA
Thu Jan 23 16:36:46 EST 1997

Dr. Sternberg,

Try the ASM website http://www.asmusa.org./  - if nothing is posted there
yet it should be posted very shortly.

Regards - Doug Caldwell

>Hello all,
>I was wondering if anybody has details on the forthcoming ASM meeting in
>Miami. I haven't signed up yet, but would like to know if anything
>interesting is coming up in the biofilms sessions. So if anybody knows,
>could you please post details? (I am not an ASM member, so I don't
>subscribe to the "ASM News" Journal).
>Thanks in advance,
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specific individual or group of individuals, and resides within and among
all living things. - Doug Caldwell - Email signature - Nov. 6, 1996 - for
further information see:

Caldwell, D. E. and J. W. Costerton, 1996. Are bacterial biofilms
constrained to Darwin's concept of evolution through natural selection?
Microbiologia SEM 12:347-358.

Caldwell, D. E. R. M. Wolfaardt, D. R. Korber, and J. R. Lawrence. 1996.
Do bacterial communities transcend Darwinism?  In Advances in Microbial
Ecology.  Edited by: J. Gwynfryn Jones.  Published by Plenum Press. New
York.   In Press.

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