Microbial communities don't follow Darwinism?

Dr. Carl Oppenheimer carlo at mail.utexas.edu
Sat Jan 25 18:22:24 EST 1997

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> Come to think of it, Darwin's principle of natural selection appears to be
> flawed. Natural selection can not account for the evolution of microbial
> communities, and it can not account for the close association of
> microorganisms within a microbial community.
> If there is such a close association within a biofilm or community, then
> competition simply can not exist.
> Well, that sure throws Darwin out the window, doesn't it?
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> Dirk Schmid
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Your logic is flawed. You, person, are a community of single cell
associations called tissues working like a closely asociated community.
You have evolved. Ergo, Darwin is saved.

Dr. Carl Oppenheimer
<carlo at mail.utexas.edu>

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