Web addresses wanted for Biofilms Special Interest WWW-page

Claus Sternberg cs at im.dtu.dk
Wed Jan 29 10:47:39 EST 1997

Dear All,

The "Biofilms" newsgroup charter indicates that somebody should set up a
World Wide Web page on the Internet containing pointers for this special
interest group (SIG). I will volunteer to set up such a page on our
WWW-server, but for that I need all the addresses for Internet resources on
biofilms I can get.

If you maintain or know of any WWW-page or other internet resource on
biofilms or related sciences, please drop me a line, and I'll include it on
the BIOFILMS SIG PAGE. Also, if you have some nice
micrographs/illustrations/artwork you'd like to share I will consider to
place them on the page.

Thanks in advance.

Claus Sternberg

PS. no need to post your suggestions to the news-group. Personal e-mail to
cs at im.dtu.dk suffice!

PPS. I will probably post similar messages to this one with intervals to
get more pointers.

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