*Teen Blowjobs

Robert J. Palmer Jr. rjpalmer at MAILHOST.CAS.UTK.EDU
Wed Jun 11 07:07:35 EST 1997

Claus has addressed the major problem, however another suggestion might be
to NOT simply repost this garbage when replying!  If some sort of editing
of replies is not done, it is conceivable we may reach a "Lenny Bruce"
state-of-affairs whereby constant repetition of trash results in complete
desensitization to it.  After all they are just words right?  By the way,
this particular thing has appeared on three of the four lists to which I
Politically incorrect and proud -
Rob Palmer

>This is getting ridiculous.  Is there anyway to prevent me/us from
>getting these unsolicitated messages?
>Wendy Cochran
>Montana State University

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