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Claus Sternberg cs at im.dtu.dk
Tue May 13 02:19:30 EST 1997

First, - As a result of the increasing number of commercial postings
(junk-mail), I am considering change the policy of this newsgroup from being 
open to moderated. I would like your comments on this, and also if you 
would like to become the (or one of the) moderators of the newsgroup, 
please send a reply to biofilms at net.bio.net. If no-one volunteers, I 
can do it for a period.

And, I think we should get some more activity in the group - are there any
suggestions on how to achieve that? How about scheduling some plenary
discussions on certain topics. I could imagine that we could e.g. announce a
topic a week or so in advance, - then somebody (an ad-hoc discussion leader)
should write an opening contribution, and subsequently everybody are
to reply to this and the ad-hoc discussion leader will make sure that the
replies are propagated to the newsgroup. What do you think?

Please make sure that your replies go to biofilms at net.bio.net (or me - I
will pass it on then)

Best regards,

Claus Sternberg

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