Moderation of the newsgroups

Claus Sternberg cs at im.dtu.dk
Sun May 25 19:43:50 EST 1997

Dear All,

This newsgroup will be converted to being moderated ensuring that 'junk
mail' messages will never appear in your mailbox again. 

The change will be in effect from sometime next month, depending on when
the bionet staff can make the necessary changes.

However, I will need at least one co-moderator so that the postings which
may come in my absence also will get through. The job is easy: every post
that comes to the group should just be passed on if it is not a commercial
posting or completely inappropriate. No editing of postings will be done!

So anyone who will be willing to help me on this, please send me a note.

Best regards,

Claus Sternberg
*  Claus Sternberg, PhD                                           *
*  Department of Microbiology   Technical University of Denmark   *
*  Building 301                 DK 2800 Lyngby Denmark            *
*  Phone: (+45) 45 25 25 15     FAX: (+45) 45 93 28 09            *
*  E-mail: cs at im.dtu.dk                                           *
*  URL: <http://www.im.dtu.dk/im/claus.html>                      *
*  PGP Public Key available on request                            *

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