Generic question: biofilms and sugar

Jaime Finguerut JAIME.CTTI-3.CTTI.CTC at azul.ctc.com.br
Tue Dec 1 08:40:01 EST 1998

Hello biofilm research people:

I am a newcomer here.
I am interested in discussing ways to get rid of biofilms at the 
sugar and alcohol industry, particularly at the mills (where the 
sugar cane juice is extracted) and in tubes and heat exchangers.
Do you have any reference about biofilms in contact with sugar?
We know that one particular organism Leuconostoc mesensteroides 
produces a lot of gum (dextran) when assimilating sucrose.
You can find lots of slime material at the tanks and at any piece of 
equipment in contact or where the sugar-cane 
juice flows, but I am not aware of a study about microscopic biofilms 
associated or not with Leuconostoc.
I belive that biofilms are more common when the media is relatively 
poor, like river or pond water, isn't it? The sugar cane juice is an 
optimum medium for several kinds of microorganisms.
What do you think?
I thank you in advance for your kind help.



Jaime Finguerut (Mr., chem.eng.)
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Sao Paulo BRAZIL 13400-970
fax +55 19 429 8109
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