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Sounds to me like you are interested in the reactor that Characklis et
al developed at Montana State University.
You may contact the following for more information on prices,
availability, etc.
Dr. J.W. Costerton
Center for Biofilm Engineering
Montana State University
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-0007

I think that his email address is bill_c at

Hope that helps.
Barry Wright

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	I'm a PhD student studying microbial adhesion/ biofilm
development on
	gels. Now I think it's time to throw out the old "beaker", and
get a
	more sophisticated reactor into my lab. Does anyone of you (out
	somewhere) know who (if any) would make/sell the kind of
reactors that
	are cylinder shaped, contain slides that can be pulled out for
	and have the opportunity for varying the hydrodynamic shear?

	Thank you for reading this message, and I would really
appreciate it if
	you could help me!!!!!



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