Computer software for operating a three way actuator controlled

Jonathan Baker BakerJP1 at
Mon Jan 26 03:13:53 EST 1998

Dear Colleagues,

I was wondering if any of you use computer operated micropositioners 
(for example when taking microelectrode measurements) and if so do 
you have any suitable software for controlling such a device?. It 
needs to be PC and Windows 3.1 compatible, have data averaging, 
trajectory save options, data recording, display and export 
functions. Does anyone know of nay companies offering such  

Also does anyone know how to stop KCl electrolyte evaporating out of 
the back of a pH sensitive liquid-ion exchange microelectrode after 
the Ag/AgCl wire has been inserted? I have tried sealing the wire in 
place with melted candle wax but this has not helped. HELP????

Many many thanks
Jonathan Baker

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