Ph.D. Student Opening on Biofilms

Alan Decho adecho at
Sat Oct 10 02:44:58 EST 1998

Opening available for Ph.D. student to study "Optical properties of
extracellular polymers in marine biofilms". ONR-funded (i.e. US Navy)
project will investigate how microbial biofilms affect the scattering,
absorption, reflection and fluorescence signatures of light. Recent work
by the Navy (COBoP - Coastal Ocean BioOptical Properties project) is
investigating the use of optical signatures in the chemical
characterization of shallow-water systems. Lasers and other optics are
being used to probe fine-scale differences in sediments, seagrass and
coral systems. The student will develop a Ph.D. dissertation project
related to the general study framework. Annual research stipend 14k.
	A prospective student should contact Dr. Alan Decho, Dept. ENHS, SPH,
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208. Tel: +803 777-6584;
Fax: +803 777-3391.

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