DOC and nutrient (N,P) limitations for biofilms ?

Franz H. Wagner franz.wagner at
Sun Apr 11 03:26:45 EST 1999

Hi !
I´m looking for literature on DOC and/or nutrient (P and N) limitations 
for biofilms (in stream ecosystems). Could anyone give me references ? I 
know there should be lots of experimental work done in labs - probably 
also in the field ? 
I am a zoologist and my main interest is, how interstitial water 
enriched with DOC (glucose or maybe an AA ?) and nutrients influence 
biofilms and going up a step in the food web - the indirect influence on 
the invertebrate community. I am happy with any hint or discussion. 
Thanks in advance for any help
Franz H. Wagner, Biological Station Lunz 
3293 Lunz am See, AUSTRIA 
TEL: ++7486 8095 24 FAX: ++7486 8095 31 
e-mail: franz.wagner at

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