biofilm evaluation

Graciela Brelles Mariño gbrelles at eez.csic.es
Tue Feb 8 10:31:21 EST 2000


We are new to Biofilms. Our group is interested in using single-species
biofilms to decontaminate waters from nitrate. Although we have been
reading lots of papers, most of them deal with different analytical
methods to evaluate already established biofilms. But before choosing an
analytical method, we would like to know if we REALLY have a biofilm. We
are growing our bacteria in glass columns using a porous clay-like
material (quite similar to broken bricks) which is obviously not
transparent. Which is the best approach to determine the presence of a
biofilm without disturbing it too much?

Thank you for your suggestions!

Dr. Graciela Brelles-Mariño
Dept. of Soil Microbiology and Symbiotic Systems
Estacion Experimental del Zaidin,

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