Can Aniline keep it's NH2 during biodegradation?

lucen lucen at
Fri Jun 15 10:13:17 EST 2001

Normally it was think that when aniline was biodegraded by microbial,
it will lose its NH2 at first, then the ring broken to form=
But in my research, I found CH3CH2OHCH2CHNH2COOH as intermediate. It seems
aniline will not lost its NH2 under biofilm electrode degradation. I'm not
sure it's a new discovery or just a mistake. Experiment repeated twice.

True or false, who can  tell me?

Object: Aniline
Method: biofilm electrode
GC/MS:  Varian 2000
Sample was extracted by organic dissolvent (chloroform:Petroleum ether
GC/MS picture attached as Microsoft Word document.

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