[Biofilms] Can you tell me...?

Paul & Anita via biofilms%40net.bio.net (by IguanaRanch from shaw.ca)
Fri Jun 1 23:06:44 EST 2007

Hello, I wonder if you might be able to answer a question for me...

I saw your information on bio-film and wondered if that  is what I see 
as an oily pale green haze on my pond at this time of the year...we have 
always said that it seems to be from the pollens in the air landing on 
the surface, the water seems no less clean and non-smelly...do you know 
what it likely is? it happens most in the spring but seems only evident 
in the evenings (but, that could just be because of the lighting...)...I 
think the pond is still safe to swim in, we live in the country on 
Vancouver Island where most of the waters are quite pristine, what do 
you think?

thank you very much for your time, anita

Paul & Anita
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