Senator Gore's Networking Bill

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Thu Dec 21 15:57:14 EST 1989

After my last posting on Senator Gore's networking bill several people
asked me for additional information.  I called his office in the
capital (the main switchboard number is 202-224-3121 and one must ask
for his office) and was told by Carol Browner, his staff member
covering the issue, that the bill is still in committee and will
probably go to the Senate for a vote this coming Spring.  They can
mail an information packet to you if one is requested.

I was also asked if there was any way to send e-mail to Congress.  The
answer to that question is no and don't hold your breath for it to
happen.  Unfortunately, it appears that in politics as well as biology
there has been a lot of debate about implementing something (even
simply between offices at the capitol) but nothing has been done.
Sigh 8-(.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank On-line Service Manager

				kristoff at

P.S. - For those trying to contact me about the above, the GenBank
On-line Service, or BIOSCI, please be aware that I will be out Dec. 22
- 27 and also Dec 30 - Jan 1.  I will deal with the usual e-mail
backlog towards the end of next week and then after the new year.

Happy New Decade!

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