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In article <Dec. at genbank.BIO.NET> kristoff at genbank.BIO.NET (David Kristofferson) writes:
>	You may be relieved to note that many people at the NIH read
>the bionet.* newsgroups, so if Santa lives at the NIH then he/she may
>be listening.  The usual problem, though, is who is going to pay for
>all of these wonderful things.  Perhaps an answer might be found in
>the long term savings on library shelf space, buildings, etc.
>	This is more than just an NIH jurisdictional issue
>unfortunately.  It may be of interest to note that Senator Gore is
>pushing a national networking initiative and this may be a good place
>to begin rallying support.
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When queried about the possibility that Chemical Abstracts/STN would be
made available to internet access, a CAS representative implied that this
possibility was under consideration. NOTE: this is not a confirmed
decision, and should be treated as a rumor. However, internet access to
STN would be a step toward creating a national information network.

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