Thu Dec 21 16:34:32 EST 1989

     In reply to your parking fees straw poll, I'll make matters simpler
than they might be by giving you just two figures.  Life Sciences Division
faculty at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Long Island
New York 11790 have a choice of free parking on surface lots or $15.00 per
month parking in a multilevel garage.  Very few spaces are close to the
building.  Walking 1,500-1,800 ft. from surface parking or 900-1,200 ft.
from the garage are typical, unless one gets there very early.
     The complications are that the Health Sciences Center where many of
the faculty have connections has a different fee structure, and that all
may be about to change, as central administration wants us to begin
charging $15 per month for surface lots.  The effect on the garage is not
yet worked out.  Possibly it would go to $30 a month.
     I am a sociology professor, doing a study of parking as "Presidential
Fellow for Parking."

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