Genome Data Submission and NIH Policy

Ellson Chen chen at
Mon Dec 4 18:17:35 EST 1989


Sorry for a slow response to this issue.
Frankly, I think this is a little too early to worry about this problem.
People will need to see some closer examples to get a true feeling about
this whole issue.   The large scale sequencing programs currently going
on will require at least 2 more years to reach meaningful stage and I think
we need some feedback from those who worked on these projects.

   I suggest that we keep this question in mind for a couple more years
without engraving any rules on stone.   Other questions such as sequencing
strategies, accuracies level & interlab coordination, etc. are far more
important at this time. 


Ellson Chen
Genentech Inc.

[posted with the author's permission - D.K.]

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