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Tue Nov 28 04:11:00 EST 1989

In article <8911272306.AA09471 at>, silverman at FCRFV1.NCIFCRF.GOV ("Silverman, Sanford") writes:
> If I see another subscribe message for Prosite, I'm going to scream.  Would
> someone kindly explain to all of us (I've made this same mistake myself) the
> difference between the bulletin board posting address and the subscrib or
> help address.  Thanks!

The amount of subscribe messages on bionet bboards just show that there is
enough interest to send these bulletins direct to a bionet bboard. As I
suggested before, send them to the swiss-prot bboard. Then nobody has to
subscribe to a new bboard. And the PROSITE DB shall be distributed along with
the SWISS databank as I understand it.

	Mats Sundvall
	University of Uppsala

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