Bar-room philosophy of BIONAUTS.

David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.BIO.NET
Fri Apr 27 14:42:03 EST 1990

> Most of the BIOSCI lists are formal and professional in nature,
> and the content of the messages are informative. This is both
> good and neccessary. They can be compared to the plenary
> sessions at a major conference.


	You are very generous.  Actually I have been trying to
encourage either formal discussions or the informal type that you
mention elsewhere in your message on the various scientific specialty
newsgroups for the last 3-4 years.  I had a "help file" on BIONET
about "How to hold Scientific Meetings by Computer."  This is still
the primary area in BIOSCI where the goal has not yet been acheived
except for occasional bursts on the MOLECULAR-EVOLUTION and BIO-MATRIX
newsgroups where a moderator such as Prof. Dan Davison has taken

	I know from my own former incarnation as a researcher that a
lot of discussion goes on at meetings without people giving away their
pet ideas.  Quite often issues are raised such as clarifications of
items in published research and questions about the interpretation of
published results.  These seem to be appropriate topics for newsgroup
discussion (not on BIONEWS, but on the various BIOSCI scientific
topics newsgroups).  Unfortunately, with the exception of brief
interludes, this still has not happened.  I believe that it will,
eventually, but I'm a bit concerned that it will have to wait until
the next generation of researchers come to the fore, i.e., those who
are just now coming up through the grad student and postdoc ranks.

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