New Mail-QUICKSEARCH and Mail-FASTA services at EMBL

"Rainer Fuchs ", EMBL FUCHS at embl.bitnet
Thu Apr 26 04:46:00 EST 1990

Two new services are now available from EMBL:


Mail-QUICKSEARCH is based on the NEWQUICKSEARCH and QUICKMATCH programs written
by Peter Rice, EMBL, which are improvements of QUICKSEARCH and QUICKSHOW
contained in the GCG v6 package. It allows the very rapid comparison of new
nucleotide sequences against the existing data set in the DNA databases.

It answers the question: is my newly determined DNA sequence already in the
database, or are there some (very) similar sequences?

All sequences from the latest EMBL and GenBank releases plus all new entries
created since then are available for searching.


Mail-FASTA is based on Bill Pearson's FASTA program. It allows the sensitive
and fast comparison of protein and DNA sequences against the protein or DNA

It answers the question: are there sequences in the database which show some
(distant) similarity to my own sequence?

Databases available for searching include the EMBL and GenBank databases, all
new entries, SwissProt, PIR, and subsets like EMBL divisions.


First decide which service you want to use. Because of the cpu demands of FASTA
we strongly recommend to use Mail-QUICKSEARCH whenever possible. We think that
QUICKSEARCH is in many cases even more appropriate than FASTA.

Both services are fully automatic. You just have to send a properly formatted
mail message to one of the addresses given below. The syntax is pretty simple
and default values are used whenever parameters are not specified. Thus, in most
cases you will only have to send your sequence (in no particular format).

To use Mail-QUICKSEARCH send mail messages to QUICK at EMBL.BITNET
To use Mail-FASTA       send mail messages to FASTA at EMBL.BITNET

You should start by sending a message containing the line


to these addresses to get introductory information that explains in detail how
to use the new services.


Please send any comments, inquiries, etc. to
                             NETHELP at EMBL.Bitnet

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