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>I am trying to write a paper related to human genetics and want to
>find out some more information of the following questions:
>1. I have heard when two close relatives get married, their children
>   will have a great chance of having defective genes. In other word,
>   it is very likely their children are mentally retarded, physically
>   deformed, etc.  Is there any medical journal, article, statistical
>   data or evidence that documented this type of issue? 
	I have been pondering this very issue in relation to my kittens
They are from the same litter, and will probably mate when they reach maturity
(my family cats did the same thing)  The female is fertile at six months age.
By allowing them to mate, keeping a male and female kitten and allowing them to
mate, the propogation of defective genes can be studied thoroughly since I will
be able to witness at least 30 cat generations.  If we can obtain some funding
(at least the price of cat food) I am prepared to carry out these experiments
>2. What about two persons with same last name but are not relatives at
>   all.   Will they face the same risk?
	This idea is simply moronic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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