a career in labs/medical/research

Poorna Sreeramoju poorna at spsd.uu.net
Thu Apr 12 14:20:46 EST 1990

	I have the following education from INDIA
	3 year B.Sc. in Biology, Chemistry. 
	2 year M.Sc. in Biology.
	4 year Ph.D with thesis work in the areas of Molecular Biology, 
		Biochemistry.  The thesis was about the effects of 
		antihelmenthic drugs on parasites inside sheep.
	I tried for laboratory technician, Research laboratory assistant 
	and any other term used in the areas of Labs, Medical, Research
	sections in LA Times. I got rejects because I dont have matching
	(actually no experience in USA) experience or lab tech. licenses.
	Sometimes Ph.D. hurt me as an over qualification. I would like to
	add more skills or education to get a job in the field that I am
	eligible for. I am considering getting some relevant techinical
	license(s). I live close to UCI, University of California, Irvine.
	I wonder if I should approach the counsellor and talk about
	career preparation in the biology field. Or should I contact some
	one at any biology-related dept. Who though? They seem to be busy
	or not clear in guiding. I heard there are some one year couses
	that get you a tech. license in some hot areas of biology or
	medical side of laboratory field. 
		PDF crossed my mind. But I am afraid, that may push me
	into a point of no return. Besides, I have not had any 
	encouraging responses from any of the UCI biology staff that
	I contacted. May be I was in the wrong place and at the wrong time!
	I do see a lot of Bio-Chemical companies wanting medical side of 
	Biochemical experience, often very specialized. 
		Basically I am trying to make a career out of my Indian
	Biology education. I live close to Irvine, California. I would greatly 
	appreciate any help, direction in any way. You can respond here on 
	this group or email to me at

	poorna at spsd.uu.net

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