Cytometry Mailing List forming

Stephen Kelley kelley at
Tue Apr 10 14:09:27 EST 1990

I am forming a mailing list to discuss cytology and cytometry.  

I anticipate discussion will include technology in general, instrumentation,
biology of cells and subcellular components, applications involving
cytometry, software, and anything else anyone wants to discuss.

To join the list, send a note with a working return address to:

	cyto-request at

If you don't get an acknowledgement, either mail to me at 
	kelley at,

or phone me at (317)-494-8638.

Hope to see a good crowd,

Steve Kelley	kelley at   (317) 494-8638 -- voice
Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories	(317) 494-0781 -- fax

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