West Afr. Med. J.

JRAMON at emduam51.bitnet JRAMON at emduam51.bitnet
Tue Apr 24 11:20:00 EST 1990

I'm posting this for a friend of mine who does not have access to the net.

They would like to get the instructions to authors for publication on a
journal named "WEST AFRICAN MEDICAL JOURNAL". Unfortunately this journal
is not received at our School of Medicine nor, I suspect, on our close

Hence, if anyone with access to this journal has a little time we would
greatly appreciate if you colud send us a copy of these submission norms
either by mail to me at


or to

        Dr. P. Penin Alegre
        Dpt. of Experimental Parasithology
        School of Medicine
        Univ. Autonoma, Madrid.
        C/ Arzobispo Morcillo, 4. Madrid - 28029. SPAIN

or either by fax to Dr. Penin Alegre at no. 315 00 75

        Thank you one and all very much and my apologies if I trashed
your mailbox with uninteresting stuff.

                J. R. Valverde
                Dpt. of Biochemistry
                School of Medicine
                Univ. Autonoma, Madrid. SPAIN

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