sci.psychology.digest is up...

S. R. Harnad harnad at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Mon Apr 9 15:55:34 EST 1990

Just a note to indicate that sci.psychology.digest, after some initial
gateway problems, is now up. PSYCOLOQUY will no longer be available
through the unmoderated psychology newsgroup. Please subscribe directly
to sci.psychology.digest if you wish to receive PSYCOLOQUY.

[If you do not have regular Usenet access, you may sign on to:
listserv at tcsvm.bitnet
by sending the one line message:
sub psych Firstname Lastname
(substituting your name for Firstname Lastname).
Submissions for posting should be sent to psych at tcsvm.bitnet]

PSYCOLOQUY, besides regular bboard information, will be carrying "open
peer commentary," in the style of the journal Behavioral and Brain
Sciences (BBS), on Squibs posted by members of the research and
professional psychological community. "Pilot" your new ideas and
findings through "Sky-Writing" and elicit high-level feedback from your
peers. All postings will be refereed. The substantive discussion will
be archived and some of it may be published in BBS to demonstrate the
potential of this new medium. Nominations are invited for PSYCOLOQUY's
editorial board. Send CVs to harnad at or to

                Stevan Harnad
                Department of Psychology
                Princeton University
                Princeton NJ 08544
Stevan Harnad  Department of Psychology  Princeton University
harnad at       srh at
harnad at    harnad at pucc.bitnet    (609)-921-7771

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