Bar-room philosophy of BIONAUTS.

"Robert Harper ", Finland HARPER at finfun.bitnet
Fri Apr 27 02:34:00 EST 1990

If you attend a large conference then there are usually very
formal sessions where the speaker talks and the participants
listen, and if there is a question time, then the debate is of
a polite nature.

However the exchange of information is not confined to the
lecture room... and I should guess that the "bar-room chat" is
the place where the real science is discussed, and where you
can make contacts with people of the same interest. Science has
a public and a private face.

Most of the BIOSCI lists are formal and professional in nature,
and the content of the messages are informative. This is both
good and neccessary. They can be compared to the plenary
sessions at a major conference.

The BIONAUTS newsgroup aims at having a more informal style.
Call it the "biological bar-room". Here you can exchange names
and addresses, slip interesting lists under the table, ask
questions about contacts... etc.

Rob "bar-keeper" Harper.

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