re pcr machines

Fri Apr 6 09:33:00 EST 1990

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Subject: re pcr machines
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Date: 6 Apr 90 14:33:14 GMT
Organization: Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, UK
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We have an MJ Research Programmable Thermal Controller (PTC-100) which sells at
around $4000 in our lab. One of the reasons we chose this model was its solid
state peltier junction heat pumps providing heating rates of approx 0.75
degress/sec. Also we wanted to set up slope rates (+ or - can be used)for
accurate temp. annealing of templates.
 You can use up to 100 programs of 99 steps each. If you prefer to use 0.5ml
eppendorfs (X60) or microtitre plates there are different models available.
 Another useful feature is the pause button allowing you to refresh
 All I can ssay now is that we have found it very useful and recommend you try
it on a trial in the lab.

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