X-ray of large organic molecules.

Anders Sundin Organic Chemistry 2 sundinKC at dna.lth.se
Sun Apr 22 10:45:49 EST 1990

I'm posting this for a friend.

I have isolated a compound with the composition C43H48O10. The
substance is a natural product with a novel type of phorbol
structure, determined by NMR-spectroscopy.

I want to do a x-ray chrystallographic study of the compound, but
the crystals were found to have a too high degree of thermal
movement at RT to enable the experiment to be carried out at our

I would be grateful for hints how to make this study, and for
references to places where I can get such a x-ray study done.

The chrystal needles (0.03x0.3 mm) has a quadratic cross-section,
and the cell-hight was calculated to be 21 angstroem. The absolute
stereochemical configuration is unknown.

Due to the unusual structure of the non-phorbolic part, a
substituted bicyclo[1,3]hexane moiety, we are most interested in
a solution to our problem.

K-E Bergquist
Org.Chem.2, Chemical center

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