Brookhaven PDB

GARAVELL at gunbrf.bitnet GARAVELL at gunbrf.bitnet
Thu Aug 2 16:02:00 EST 1990

The Brookhaven Protein Data Base is available on-line by contacting the
following sites:

JGOLAB at NCSA.UIUC.EDU    National Center for Supercomputing Applications,
                        University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
NICHOLAS at CPWPSCA.BITNET Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Requests for information and a copy of the current newsletter, #52 which
includes a list of entries, might also be sent to:
  Ms. Frances C. Bernstein
  The Protein Data Bank
  Chemistry Department, Bldg. 555
  Brookhaven National Laboratory
  Upton, NY  11973

Dr. John S. Garavelli
Database Coordinator
Protein Identification Resource
National Biomedical Research Foundation
Washington, DC  20007

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