Drosophila clone list available

Don Gilbert Don.Gilbert at IUBio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
Fri Aug 10 10:14:36 EST 1990

John Merriam maintains a list of Drosphila clones.  The list has about 
2300 entries and looks like this:
Location       Subject                        Key    Kb    Reference
1A            [WG1152]ry                      3       0    Bloomington Stock
1A            telomeres()                     1       10   Cell34:85        
1A1           ARS element()                   5       0    NAR16:1169       
1A1           ARS element()                   1       3    MGG197:342       
1A6-B1        In(1)elavG3                     2       0    EMBOJ6:425       
1A8-B1        yellow(y)                       1,5,6   6    EMBOJ5:2657      

   This is now available via anonymous ftp from the Iubio archive (ftp iubio.
bio.indiana.edu, user anonymous), in directory [archive.fly] as clonelist.txt.
If you have questions about the this material, please contact John Merriam, Department of Biology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA  90024-1606. He does not have an 
E-mail address yet.  See [archive.fly]clonelist.readme for more info.  Thanks
to Kathy Matthews for obtaining this list for distribution.      
                                                         -- Don

Don.Gilbert at iubio.bio.indiana.edu    
biology dept., indiana univ.,  bloomington, in 47405, usa  

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