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Roy Smith roy at phri.nyu.edu
Fri Aug 24 21:46:09 EST 1990

news at m2xenix.psg.com (Randy Bush) writes:
> Over here, distributions such as eunet, bionet, ... are utterly unrecognized.
> On Usenet, distributions are geographic, i.e. world,na,usa,pnw,or,pdx for
> world, North America, United States, Pacific NorthWest, Oregon, and Portland.

	Offhand, I would say that the sys file is set up improperly at your
site, or at one of the sites in the chain that feeds you.  Usenet, being the
anarchy that it is, has distributions that are whatever people feel like
using.  Given that the bionet groups are at least nominally "owned" by the
IG folks, it seems like it's up to them to pick the distribution code they
are going to use and everybody else should just set up their sys files
accordingly.  Getting the sys file right is not really a big deal, although
it can be a bit confusing.
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