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Stuart R Schwalbe stu at
Sun Aug 5 16:47:15 EST 1990

Just thought that I would post a brief blurb about a Bulletin Board
that I happen to call that was time well spent.  The board is run
by Jeff Otto - who is finishing up his Phd in molecular biology at
Marquette University.  He runs the board - Science and Math files are
the speciality - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  Hers's the info.

SciQuest BBS
Hayes V series powered 9600
180 meg online - countless megs offline - look at master list on system
for full list.
Net address : 154/32

Give it a call, it is really helpful to U/L references from work you
have done - as there is a file area for this - and many others.
If any one has a good Plasmid Draw program, shareware, please U/L it

Also, I am new to this system and would like to know of other
science related message bases on the system...if you couls let me
know it would be much appreciated.

stu at

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