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Roy Smith roy at
Fri Aug 10 17:14:00 EST 1990

pgil%histone at LANL.GOV (Paul Gilna) writes:
> Authors of successful proposals will travel to Los Alamos and work with
> the annotation or computation staff to carry out their proposed project.

	I made an attempt to respond to this earlier today, over my morning
cup of tea.  Apparantly, enough caffiene had not yet entered my system,
since no trace of my article now exists.  So, let my try again.

	I wonder if it should really be necessary to travel to Los Alamos
to do the work.  The whole idea of building NSFNet, NREN, etc, is to bring
data and computing resources to people, not the other way around.  Private
email with Paul (between the first abortive posting and this one) has
caused me to mellow my original position, to the point where I agree that
an introductory in-person get together is A Good Thing, but I still feel
that it should be possible to do most of the work remotely.  Of course, I
understand the scenery in New Mexico is pretty nice, and you can't really
get that through a T1 wire.

	Aha!  I just figured out why my earlier posting got lost.  The
version of rn I'm using automagically turned the newsgroups line in my
followup of a bionet.general article into bionet.followup, a holdover from
what I think is long-obsolete usenet policy.
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