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David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.BIO.NET
Wed Aug 1 12:30:11 EST 1990

>Are there sites where the bionet newsgroups are archived?
>I'm especially interested in
>for the past few months.


        Rob Harper has answered on how to retrieve the messages from
IRLEARN.  We have copies of back messages here in our USENET news
software, but there is no means of automatically retrieving them by
e-mail.  We are considering implementing this capability, but there is
something that you can do locally since I believe your site does
receive the newsgroups over USENET.  The news software generally has a
feature that deletes old messages after a certain date.  Since the
amount of disk space utilized by the bionet.* groups is small, you
could simply ask your systems administrator in the future to set this
so that messages in the bionet groups are not deleted.  The expiration
date can usually be set differently for different newsgroups.

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				GenBank On-line Service Manager

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