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>My lab uses a high resolution CCD camera to capture grey scale
>images for analysis...

>My problem is that such output appears to be unacceptable to
>most journals.

A paper of mine is now in press that has computer generated figures.  If they
had been photographed, then either the smooth grey background would have been
destroyed, or the lettering would have been degraded.  To assure that the image
was exactly as I wanted it, I sent them negatives.  If your output is in
PostScript, then you can get your image 'typeset' at rather high resolutions
(up to 2540 dots per inch!), and the image can be put directly onto negatives
that the printer can use.  The main thing is to check with the journal and
their printer beforehand to find out what the size requirements are.

On a related topic, I hope to see a growth in electronic submission;
re-typesetting my paper introduced 10 times as many mistakes as it caught!  If
everyone submitting manuals sent them in on disk, perhaps the journals that do
this will begin to see that they are still in the dark ages.

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