Drosophila database

MA11 at phoenix.cambridge.ac.uk MA11 at phoenix.cambridge.ac.uk
Tue Dec 4 05:04:45 EST 1990

                        Drosophila Genetic Maps.
                               Version 9012
                             3 December 1990
                            Michael Ashburner
                         Department of Genetics
                           Cambridge, England.
                        e-mail ma11 at phx.cam.ac.uk
This version of the Drosophila genetic database has been released.
Changes from the previous release are given in the file MAINDOC.TEXT.
Note that Postscript files of this version have not been released.

The database can be obtained electronically from three sources: the
archive fileserver at the Department of Biology, Indiana University,
Bloomington,  Indiana  and  the  Netserver  at  EMBL,  Heidelberg.  In
addition these files are also available on the SEQNET facility to
registered users within the United Kingdom.
I am very grateful to Don Gilbert at Indiana, Rainer Fuchs at EMBL
and Alan Bleasby at Daresbury for making this database available in
these ways.

The files are:
  o MAINDOC.TEXT                - General documentation (this file)
  o FUNCTIONDOC.TEXT            - Documentation of FUNCTION file
  o LOCIDOC.TEXT                - Documentation of LOCI file
  o MAPDOC.TEXT                 - Documentation of MAPLOCI file
  o SYNONYMDOC.TEXT             - Documentation of SYNONYM file
  o REFSDOC.TEXT                - Documentation of REFS file
  o FUNCTION.TEXT               - Genes sorted by function
  o LOCI.TEXT                   - Genes sorted by gene symbols
  o MAPLOCI.TEXT                - Genes sorted by genetic map position
  o SYNONYMS.TEXT               - Table of synoyms of gene symbols
  o REFS.TEXT                   - References

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